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Top 10 Academic Publisher of the World in 2025

Unique, Innovative and Multinational team

Global Visibility of Your Scientific Articles and Journals

Qazal Publishing Group

Qazal Publishing Group (registered as KarafarinShargh Varasteh Qazal (pvt) Ltd) is using the state-of-the-art methodologies to manage the academic publishing from developing countries (low-end market) having a market of >500,000 academic journals in more than 100 countries only in a price of 2500 USD per each journal/year. Professional services with the lowest prices and highest output will create a multi-billion dollar business venture when it reaches the target. We provide services using innovative tool Qazal Journal System to improve global visibility of scientific contents in following three phases;

Pre-Publishing: This phase of services defines pre-analysis of scientific articles being published in a journal (What to publish?)

Publishing: This phase defines how to publish? in a way to have global visibility and improved citations.

Post-publishing: This phase of services is based on indexing and global listing of published articles.

Our Services

Qazal Journal Management System is the system of highly advanced technologies empowered by ScienceUpTM and being managed by experts to give your scientific journals, a new recognition.

Journal Consultancy

If you are publishing a journal and your journal is not receiving high citations and is not being appreciated by scientific community, we can help you.


Journal Management

Management of an academic journal is not the management of a peer-review process only but using a state-of-the-art publishing management process.


Indexing & Visibility

Indexing and visibility are the most important actions in a journal management to have high downloads and citations around the world.


Major Milestones Achieved

Qazal Publishing group from the day of its establishment has been appreciated and featured by the several national and international organizations, higher authorities and gained the confidence of pre-venture capitalists to invest on the project. We believe on day by day growth of our startup as a key of success towards global market.

  • 1

    National Sheikhbahai Entrepreneurship Award 2015 & 2016

    Qazal publishing has been awarded as top and highly innovative startup at Iranian national sheikhbahai entrepreneurship festival 2015 and 2016 by minister of science, research and technology of Iran.

  • 2

    National Young Entreprneuers Award 2017

    National young entrepreneurs award 2017 was the first award organized by ministry of sports and youth affairs of Iran and founder of Qazal publishing was awarded as top entrepreneur by ministry of sports and youth affairs of Iran.

  • 3

    Top 100 Startups in Startup Turkey 2018

    Qazal group under the trademark of iMaQPress has been listed among top 100 startups in startup turkey 2018.

  • 4

    Top 250 Startups in Startup World Cup 2019

    Qazal group under the trademark of iMaQPress has been listed among top 250 startups in Startup World Cup and Summit 2019, Prague, Czech Republic.

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Entrepreneurs Show 2020

16 March, 2020 @ Faisalabad, Pakistan

An International Startup Event in Faisalabad, Pakistan